Computerized Physiologic Blind Spot Mapping
The Next Generation . . .
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NOTE:  Software works great on Windows 98 through XP operating systems. Requires PRO Version of newer operating systems.



Blind Spot Mappping

1310 Forbes Drive

Orland, Ca 95963

Or Fax to:  530-527-1778


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Item Number

Items Included





Price E

PBSI Station A

Software;  Reversible Occluder Glasses; Table Top Chin Rest





   PBSI Station  B

Software:  Reversible Occluder Glasses; Clamp on Table Top Chin Rest





PBSI Station C

Software; Reversible Occluder Glasses; Hvy Duty Chin Rest





Software Upgrade Only



*Must have purchased previous software version


*With retrun of parallel port dongle

*Full price ($360)without return


* $106.00




 A Chin Rest

HCRTMR Table Model with 6" Base  





 B Chin Rest

 HCRD2R Double Screw Clamp





4523C Reversible Metal Frame Occluding Glasses 

Optokinetic Flags:




Combo OPK



Revervisble Occluders





4" x 36" OPK Flag


(2) 4" x 36" OPK Flags


8"x36" OPK Flag

(1) 4"x36" + (1) 8"x36" Flag

(2) 8" x 36" OPK Flags


























4677R Heavy Duty Chin Rest for mounting to desk (screws on table)  

4629R Heavy Duty Chin Rest with Clamps (clamps to table)               




*(Fax Order to Confirm International Fees)








 *Federal Express  1-day or 2nd Day S + H (if desired) Fax to confirm shipping fees






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