Computerized Physiologic Blind Spot Mapping
The Next Generation . . .
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Physiological Blind Spot Imaging (PBSI) Station
What Is It?

The PBSI station is a complete package for measuring blind spots.  It includes the software, a chin rest that best fits your needs and reversible occluder glasses

After the blind spot mapping test is performed, the computer automatically calculates the square surface area of each blind spot instantaneously.  A superimposition option is available too, to place one eye area over top of the other, for a quick visual comparison.

The test results, including the cortical perceptual maps, are stored chronologically on a data base.  Push the print button and you get a hard copy for the patient or for the file.

The report that is generated provides a clinical area where you can record the  pertinent pre-test clinical examination findings as well as an area to record your therapeutic intervention. 

After treatment, a follow-up blind spot assessment can be performed to evaluate the cortical effect of your treatment. 

The blind spot mapping is not technique dependent.  Any technique you use will have a probability of evoking a cortical consequence, if you know what and how to measure it.

The report page can be customized for any particular technique and that technique's clinical indices.

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