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The 1936 findings of Dr. T.A. Brombach, a noted vision researcher, indicated that 69% of children with diagnosed reading problems had a measurable enlarged blind spot. He felt that the presence of this enlarged blind spot could reduce the likelihood of full visual perception and thereby inhibit reading ability.


Liberman, Jacob, O.D., PhD., Light – Medicine of the Future, page 80-81




Three published studies of Dr. Thomas Eames, a physician at Boston University, 1936-1938 found: 

  1.  9% of school children in his studies had constricted fields of vision, and of these 9%, 83% were failing in school work in one or more subjects;
  2. Visual field constrictions significantly limited the speed of visual perception; and 
  3.  Children with learning disabilities consistently had smaller visual fields than children without learning disabilities.


The findings of both Brombach and Eames are closely related in that it is now known that a visual field constriction is frequently associated with an enlargement of the “blind spot”.


Both of these conditions are usually linked with pathology of the eye and/or brain, head trauma, high fevers, toxicity, or consequential psychological disturbances.


It is significant, therefore, that in the cases of Brombach and Eames that these eye conditions were thought to be of a functional origin and not related to disease.


Stress related?


“Under stress, people have a tendency to constrict physiologically, emotionally, perceptually, and functionally.  Jacob Lieberman, O.D., Ph.D.


“Under stress, an individual’s perceptual fields constrict, causing them to observe less, see less, remember less, learn less, and become generally less efficient.” – V.I. Shipman, “A Constriction of the perceptual Field Under Stress” (Paper presented to the Eastern Psychol. Assoc., Philadelphia, PA, 1954).



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