Computerized Physiologic Blind Spot Mapping
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What operating system is needed to run the Blind Spot Mapping software?

The Blind Spot Mapping software will operate on any PC with Microsoft 98 through Windows XP perfectly.  Important note:  Newer operating systems require the "PRO" OS verisons.

The software comes with a security hardware device that plugs into a USB port.  Your computer must have a USB port to install the security device or the program will not run. This security device is needed to be installed in the USB port at all times when the software is in use.

How long does it take to receive the Blind Spot Mapping station? Once payment is received, the software CD and security hardware device will be shipped within 2-3 days .The chin rest and reversible occluder glasses will be shipped in separate package usually within one week.

Can I charge for blind spot mapping?

I advise against charging separately for office PC based blind spot mapping.  The procedure takes only a couple of minutes to perform, if you have an attentive patient. 

I view blind spot mapping as ONE of MANY functional assessments used in an effort to determine if there is any brain laterality (hemisphericity), such as:  bilateral blood pressure; palatal paresis; soft pyramidal (extensor) weaknesses; anisocoria, to name a few.  Blind spot mapping is just another way of assessing the central integrative state of the Thalamus. It is a part of the total examination findings.

If you do a comprehensive neurological assessment, it would be appropriate to charge accordingly for the total time spent in evaluation.

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