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Blind Spot Mapping Systems > (2) Premium OPK Flags: 4" x 36"
(2) Premium OPK Flags: 4" x 36"

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Optokinetic Flag

(2) Premium OPK Flags:  8" x 36."  These flags are used to produce Optokinetic Nystagmus (OKN) physiologic jerk in a patient’s eyes. This is elicited when the patient attempts to fixate on moving, alternative, contrasting squares which are moved in the field of vision. The slow phase of nystagmus is in the direction of the movement of the flag while the fast phase is in the opposite. Can also be use up and down.

These OPK Flags are hand-sewn with weighted ends. Top quality with a solid color backing facing the examiner. Comes complete with instructions.  Shipping fee is included in the retail price.

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