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Physiologic Blind Spot Software Upgrade

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The upgraded blind spot mapping software Version 6.1 now has a data base to store and retrieve all your patient's cortical maps. You can now recall, view and print each and every blind spot map.  The data base stores all test reports in chronological order for serial comparisons. There are some cosmetic changes of  the testing screen for easier use.  While all software versions calculate the square surface area of the blind spots, the enhanced software version allows you to superimpose the two blind spots for a better visual comparison.

Orders for only the new upgraded enhanced software are only available with the return of the parallel port security device included with your original order. *Two weeks are allowed for the dongle return from the date the new sotware is received.  *If not returned, the full upgrade price of $350.00 will be charged*


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Works great on 98 through XP Operating Systems. "PRO" versions required on newer operating systems.


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