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Computerized Physiologic Blind Spot Mapping
The Next Generation . . .
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The Physiologic Blind Spot Mapping System: A New Generation

.Quickly Maps Physiologic Blind Spots

.Easy & Fast - Even Patients Can Do It!

.Automatically Calculates Surface Area

.Prints Reports, Stores Data & More ...

Physiologic Blind Spot Mapping:

If you have been introduced to performing Physiological Blind Spot Mapping, you will find this site very interesting and hopefully very informative. For those that don't know what blind spot mapping is or what it can mean, you will find this information described in other areas of this site.


The concept that the size of the perceived blind spot is dynamic, and not a static or fixed anatomical structure, was developed by Dr. Ted Carrick in the early 1990s.

In those days, the physiologic blind spots were mapped manually with pen and paper.  With practice and a compliant patient, blind spot maps could be roughly calculated in 5-6 minutes or longer.


Standardized and Easily Reproducible:


There was no standardization to assure that the tests were performed exactly the same way each time. This made reliability of the serially generated data somewhat suspect.

First system was a wall mounted device that would raise and lower the blind spot mapping screen to accommodate the range of patient's heights was created.   This wall mounted device had a forehead fixation shield that insured that the patient's head would remain fixed at the same distance from the target fixation spot, each and every time.

While the technique for manually mapping blind spots was well structured,  it was challenging for staff members to perform the test exactly the same each and every time they tested patients.

The "New Generation" Blind Spot Mapping System Arrives:  

  • Quickly and Accurately Calculates the Size of Patient's Blind Spots 
  • Reproducible by Clinicians, Staff and Patients
  • Patients can Map Their Own Blind Spots in About 2 Minutes 
  • System Automatically Calculates the Surface Area of Each Blind Spot
  • Prints out a Hard Copy
  • Data Base to Store for Serial Testing
  • Ability to Overlap Blind Spots for Easy Visual Comparison


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